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To: Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2010 3:18 PM Subject: Short Mat bowling by Roy Wiggins

Hi. Would it be possible to pass on a big thank you to Mr. Roy Wiggins. The author of Short mat bowling ISBN 978-07552-0448-9.

Dear Roy. Your book has really opened up my game. This is my first year playing for my local bowling club in Northern Ireland. I had been struggling with my delivery, with the bowl either hitting the fender or stopping short of the dead line. After reading your wonderful book my game has improved beyond my expectations. Reaching the semi finals in the league, playing fours. Me being the lead at present, but have played second. I now know the importance of having my hand left palm up and head on focus until bowl is well on the way. Thank you for taking time to produce such a great and unique guide to the sport. My skip liked your book so much I bought him a copy, as it was the only way to get it back. I do hope the knee operation was a total success and you continue to enjoy the sport. Your guidance was fantastic and I will never forget who gave me the push up. (Signed W.M.)


Reverend ROJ says:
I have established a new club here in SW France and we play in a local gymnasium where the floor is far from flat and level. Consequently we are learning very quickly how to either, take advantage of or counteract slopes and bumps under the mat. There seems to be a 'learning curve' which is soon ascended, if not completely conquered, by our 'novice' heart of membership! Your book is just so helpful in identifying techniques which might otherwise have taken us years to find by 'trial and error'. Thank you again for such an informative publication.....and if you are ever in the Limousin..........!!!!! Regards 5 Jan 2012


A recent letter: Dear Roy, Thankyou so much for the book. It really is very helpful. Could I please have 3 more copies (and could you please sign them as I want to give them as presents) I enclose my cheque for £22.50. Signed MD


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